We work with, and respect, local communities.


Renewable Energy is inherently a local business

Limes RE has learnt this working in solar, wind, and hydro projects globally for the past 15 years.

We work in a collaborative way with local governments, local land owners, local developers, and local workers.

We respect the local conditions and we always manage to minimize any potential social and environmental impact of our projects.

We always try to use local companies instead of international companies for our technical expertise procurement during development.

For the construction of the renewable energy power plants we always employ local people, providing training on the job, and we never import labourers from foreign countries.

Also during operation of the renewable energy plants, all the technical, administrative and security personnel will be local.



Limes Renewable Energy is committed to promote local economic development, creating local jobs and building long lasting relationships with local stakeholders and local communities. We have been doing this in every country where we have developed projects.

Limes management team has also experience in working on social programs connected to the development of renewable energy projects, such as activities linked to professional training for local communities.


Where we work

  • We work on the Italian and Vietnamese markets.
  • We have local offices and a local team in Vietnam.